Always Her

Sun rays from her mouth and waves in her hair.

Her eyes only shined if someone else was there.

Skin pulled over bones, the envy of my eyes.

Heart of ice, yet she is the reason why I cry.

I need your love but it changes with the wind.

I stare at him, staring at you, staring at him.

The zephyr desires him in all the signs of time.

Lost in her tornado, a heart never to be mine.

Can you see the way I see you never look upon my soul.

Calidescopes of raindrops cleansing the aroma of indole.

A weed in your garden amongst roses adorned in thorns.

He sees rones occluding orchards, just the object of scorn.

Tumultuous hearts beat forever for the wrong, right person.

Losing myself to the power of love, their final act of coercion.

I love that he loves you, but my only wish is for someone to love me too.

Every choice is always her, forget my love in this never ending queue.


Last Night

My last night on Earth is a boring one.

Drink some tea, read a book, watch too much TV.

I wanted to go out with a bang or a boom.

This is not even a whimper, but a sigh.

Sighing, I turned off the TV and went to bed.

I forgot to finish my tea so down the drain it went.

My bookmark was a receipt from yesterday’s shopping.

I went to bed in the dark to start tomorrow over

Except I never woke despite my hope,

Tomorrows over. Days to nights there I lie,

Because my days are over.

And what boring days they were.



I never knew autumn leaves could call upon me.

The forest always seemed so far from the trees,

It struck me odd that I could speak to the fall breeze.

When the sun sets so early the darkness is free.

The darkness consumes me and I make my plea.

For one more morning in the brumal lea.

Morning comes and the wind does speak,

A euphony of whispers in a gelid sea.

The sun and leaves I thank for the autumn breeze.


Sunken Place

Help me now for I am in a sunken place.

Do you remember me as I look now?

So empty and hollow and sunken.

Crevasses and creases and sunken.

Sink down with me now into the dark.

Darkness is all that is known in my eyes.

Nothing sparkles without the darkness.

Sparkle and die and sink.

Sink down here with me.

Be in the deep and empty sockets of my eyes.

Feed on my mind forever and evermore.

I am blind. I am lost. I am sunken.

Use me in my sunken state.

Creases and empty and sparkles.

My corpse rots for you to feast.

Feast in the darkness and rest in the light.

If you want to sparkle, die with me too.

Nothing sparkles without the sunken place.

My body is yours to use as you need.

In the dark there is no depravity.

Wake in the light and lose the sparkle.

Find yourself with my corpse.

Heavy and dull and sunken.

Can you escape the depths of my eyes?

Such a long way down into the darkness.

Most never escape the sunken place.

Stay in this sunken state with me.

Sparkle and die and sink.

Be blind and lost and sunken.

There is no sparkle in the light,

So sparkle and sink and lose

Your mind to the sunken.

Feast on me and I on you and sink.

Does your flesh rot for me too?

Sins know not in the dark.

Trapped in the sunken place.

Biographical Note: Danielle Davis is a senior at the University of Georgia studying English with an emphasis in creative writing and multicultural literature. Writing has provided her with a way to express herself freely, since she finds it the most accurate representation of who she is. Danielle’s poetry focuses on mental health, life experiences, and societal issues.