Shame has no place in love,
                                                Love should feel like sunlight.
                                                No cloud should dim the shine
                                                On her hair as it tumbles over her shoulders.

                                                And even when the sun is gone,
                                                I just want to dance closer to her in the darkness
                                                As the songbirds continue to sing for us alone.

                                                In this moment,
                                                we hold the stars in our hands
                                                And bathe in their light.
                                                Silver coats our skin as we take root.



I feel so cliche writing about your blue eyes,

I am wasting my time with you. 

I won’t compare my love to a rose, 

I know that would only make you think less of me.


When it snows, do you listen to Clairo? 


Please, would you allow 

Me to tell you how I feel? 

I could bask in the beam of your light 

For the rest of my life. 


Your skin is like the moon, 

It was June when I told you I loved you. 


I feel like I need you, 

Asking where you got your jeans 

Just to start a conversation. 


Why do you only wear one earring? 


I know we live in different towns, 

But I thought you might notice 

When I dyed my hair brown. 


All you want to do is smoke 

But to kiss your nose is all I have ever needed. 


I have never been anyone’s first choice,

In all my life. 

Why should this time be any different? 


But that doesn’t stop me from singing 

All the songs that make me think of you. 


Maybe it’s all in my head, 

When I lie in bed and dream of you. 

But here I am, 

Writing about your eyes that are the color of the sky. 


I won’t compare them to the ocean, 

Because I’d rather fly than drown. 


Even when I dance around my room,

I know I would have more fun with you.

And I like the green stripe in your hair, But

I’m not your type because life isn’t fair.



Biographical Note: Delani Smith is a sophomore at Colorado Mesa University, located in Grand Junction, Colorado. She is majoring in Elementary Education with a focus in English. She loves to read and write and hopes to become a published author in the future.