Life Boat

If you were the captain of your own ship,

with a crew that’s loyal to you.

how would you steer this ship?

how would you do what you do?


would you be treasure hungry?

would every sparkle of gold catch your eye?

would you abandon your course for some riches?

or would you have priorities higher in your mind?


would you waver every time a storm was coming?

would you hunker down or change your course?

a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor,

what kind of sail style would you endorse?


do you sail for the calmness and the views?

do you sail to fight and conquer?

do you treat your crew as a loving hostess?

do you rule over your ship as a monster?


if you were the captain of your own ship,

would you want to be rich or fight monsters of the sea?

would you want to be the fastest or best fishing sailor?

what would you want your legacy to be.


Biographical Note: Isaiah Lewis is a college sophomore from Baltimore, Maryland where he started and cultivated his love for football in high school. While attending Franklin High School, Isaiah became a successful three season athlete showcasing his true talent in Football. Isaiah’s high achievements in football afforded him the opportunity to attend Wheeling University in West Virginia where he is an Exercise Science major. In his Literature class this semester, his professor Mr. Slick helped him realize he has found a new love for writing poetry which has led him to acquiring a minor in Creative Writing.