Forgotten Flowers

You care
about the seed
not the birch it becomes

You adore
the flower buds
not their magnolia mother

You protect
the mulberry sampling
until it weeps

You preserve
the Apple tree
not the orchard

You punish
the apricot tree
that bears bad fruit

You degrade
native oaks
with different roots

You force
a Fig to produce fruit
out of season

You ignore
the fallen fruits
waiting to be picked

You forgot
the flowers
withering in the leaves



Biographical Note: Kira Ysidron is a student at the University of South Florida going for her bachelors in Studio Art with a minor in creative writing. She is a writer who focuses on societal issues and the human psyche through the lens of horror and nature based themes. She aspires to be a published author and create web comics while she reaches that goal.