Love is the Sky

At the first break of dawn—


Swirling, sweet—

burning red, two souls swallowed by flames.


At morning’s end, the fires fade.

Rosy hues cool baby blue.

Time trades rubies for sapphires.

Calmer now, two souls steady and true.


Whether it be by choice, time, or death—

Apollo’s chariot rides away.

With it he takes the last light of day,

leaving behind only a trail of midnight stars


two souls, the sky

once on fire—

return to the darkness from which they came.



Biographical Note: Kyli Orr is a full-time undergraduate at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. She is currently working to attain her Bachelor of Arts in English. Additionally, she is minoring in Secondary Education. Her inspiration stems from a passion and connection to the natural world. In the future, Kyli hopes to inspire and foster an appreciation of literature in her students.