The difference between then and now

Is that I’m painfully  

Aware of my own existence. The difference is external 

And internal, the imprint was made by reality’s effect

On me, but now is made  

By my effect on reality, and the reality is  

There is none.  

Bar none.  

The physical realization equivalent to the smudge 

Left behind by dried out erasers trying to correct 

Their writer’s mistakes.  

Like trying to walk through a wall  

That isn’t there yet here  

You still stand despite your many steps  

Forward, backward, <— s i d e —> t o <— s i d e —>. 

Now sit and doubt the existence of me  

In me.  

I think I’ve forgotten.  



Biographical Note: Macey King is currently finishing her senior year at Truman State University with intent to graduate in the spring. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, she plans on returning home after graduation to work her current job as a grocery store cashier while continuing to write. She wants to write fiction, but has also grown to enjoy poetry and nonfiction in her college years. She dreams of someday publishing a graphic novel.