Space Dance


moon in my pocket

rough skin against my thigh

its tide tempts my hips

from side to side


stars in my eyes 

i sway under the hues 

Milk on its Way to color me 

as he sings of the blues


space in my mind 

for your heart’s capacity

tell me your story 

of all your humanity.


time exists not

for the sun never rests

let us hide away our worry

and relish in love’s fury


the universe breathes

by the rhythm of our dance

pull me in closer

speak to me slower


cradle me, gravity

hold me here always

for earth is no more

but a forgotten lore 



A Wish 


The notes carelessly hit my ears

hit my ears.

I mistake them for words

I wish to hear,

wish to hear from you.


From you comes a fragrance like rain.

Like rain,

I get hooked on the scent.

The scent of spring is overbearing.


is my affection for you. 


For you I seek out the place for us.

For us,

the gap in the clouds remains.

I cast my rod out

out to the stars

to the stars for a wish

a wish for you. 



The Night Man 


winter teases me

crisp winds leave my hands nervous

a bird plays a trumpet for you somewhere

another hums a lullaby


today, i am the package on a doorstep

tomorrow, who knows

open me i beg of them

warm the heart found inside


poets write of you

fantasizing your life amongst the stars

how misunderstood you must be

how lonely


time passes quickly

i stopped my clock

to wait

for someone to come along that smiles as you do


oh, Night Man 

won’t you come down

won’t you be mine

we’d be together


this song is ours 

musicians are jealous

birds are quiet

poets are confused


no one left to study us

not one to fancy

just existing, we are 

here in a place we’ve claimed our own: night



From You


i ask the sun about you

but she is secretive with your affairs

as is the moon—he hides upon my visit


i go to the sea

hoping that maybe the waves carry your voice

through the rushing of the wind that violently hits my face


perhaps the rain’s patter

is code for your lost letter

i am hoping it is so


the trees cry even after the rain

there is no calm after the storm

no peace after the war


for the longer i go missing you

the higher the walls of my heart grow

the grayer my sky becomes


the water under the bridge rises

i suffocate in the rain’s tears

maybe they are my own


not one brings word of you—though i beg

pleading for the clouds to break

and light from heaven to fall


oh won’t you send me a sign

won’t you share with me your love once more

for all news is good news when it comes from you



The Touch of Man


old sneakers hug my feet

as I recall the ground 

they trampled upon


carrying me across bridges 

built from ruins,

they are worn from the journey


never looking back

or doubting their purpose,

they tread on


four-leaf clovers

are found bowing

beneath their shadow


i tried saving one once

for i could not bear to imagine

a token of luck gone

without a wish 

to send it on its way


flattened by my determination,

i found resemblance in the ones

some hide in books

pressed between words

of solitude


but intention

was missing 

from the one that lied in my hand


i became angry

angry at the soles

for ruining its perfection


i cursed myself 

back to the ruins 

i once escaped


my being, 

which i believed to hold

ease and


to the earth

walks along its surface

only to bring about turmoil


for the thought 

of one encompassing innocence

and life

ruined by my touch 

was enough to bury my being

beneath the ground 

i once trampled upon



Biographical Note: Madalynn Whitten is a junior at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where she studies English and Creative Writing. Her inspiration for her poems comes from nature and its relationship with humanity. She enjoys all forms of writing but finds poetry to be one of her favorites.