Take myself down to the river,

wash my hair among the marigolds.

Resplendent in gold — centers

singing their crimsons, I will set these little parts of me

afloat. Let water wash and carry them

to a place where no one knows me.


Perhaps without a face,

tucked away, among the brown-burr and nettles

I will be found.

Cradled in milksoft hands,

set upon a sun worn windowsill,

to dry.



Biographical Note: Maizie Rifke Vatsaas is a lesbian who loves to write about being a lesbian (among other, perhaps, less exciting topics). She hopes someday her poetry can articulate her passion for duvet covers as clearly as her obsession with hands. Find her work published in Ourglass, and hand bound zines and chapbooks. You can’t find her online, but if you look, you’re more than likely to find her with her partner, and their cat, Yogurt.