Musings of a Dreamer

I look into the sky, moon rising,
And dream of a life fantastic.
Reachable, I find myself realizing,
Only vicariously through the artistic.
The gods taunt me, Apollo dashing by,
Persephone hiding away from Earth,
Aurora cruelly kissing my cheek from the sky,
All looking down on my mortal birth.
The heroes of old, shimmering in stars,
The Fate’s twisting my threads,
I dream of life without these bars,
A life of thrilling journeys and chilling dreads.
I will defy the Fates, and the gods greater,
For only I control what I put on paper.



Biographical Note: Rebekah Nicola is currently living in Los Angeles and is studying to become an animator. She was a reader at the open mic event at Woodbury University. She has published a short comic on and an ongoing short story writing exercise on Archive of Our Own.