New Beginnings

Indescribable thoughts flutter in my mind when I think of you

Words not good enough, sentences not long enough to explain my feelings when I’m with you

The feeling of holding on but letting go, like the ocean water moving at night

The sun creeping in with the morning, waking up next to you is a sweet delight

Second, minutes and hours, turn into unforgettable memories

Your eyes dazing into mine, you will remember me

Something beneath the surface that can’t be scratched

Latched on to you like chains of steel that can’t be broken

You have me open like an unread book

Each page is a new story to tell,

I want to write them with you

A story about a life time I dream of spending with you.

You’re like a breath of fresh air, pulling me in

Naughty words turn into a night long of sin

It’s like a drug being in your space

This is a love that can’t be touched or replaced.


Andianna Duncan is an African-American, raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is a senior in college, majoring in theater, and minoring in communications. She aspires to be an actress, and would hope to act in films, plays and on Broadway. Additionally, Andianna has a passion for writing plays, and poetry. Her poetry is inspired by personal experiences that she’s encountered throughout her life. She would like her poetry to change how people view the world or would even like save a life because of her writing. She uses poetry as a way of escaping reality and hopes that her poetry can be her readers escape too.