“Barbies,” “Dexter,” and Untitled by Briana Noonan
“Silhouette of Suans,” “Field of Flowers,” and Untitled by Caitlin Curtis
“Anonymity,” “Mathematics Takes 5,” and “Three Spirits” by Courtney Eckler
“The Lights That Guide You Home” by Kaylen Logan
Untitled by Noah Zyduck
“Rain Love,” and “Going Up” by Rebecca Rudolph
“Zig Zag” by Tan In Lau

“Al Gharraf” By Andrew Jones
“The Contrabass” by Saika Aikawa
“Ugly Kitten” and “The Color Green” by Lily Wang

“Out in the Open” and “Fading stone, Fading Soul” by Kelly McGowan
“The Boat” by Ashly Curtis
“The Color Green” by Lily Wang

“Anticipation,” “Incandescence,” and “Her Blue Eyes” by Emily Spanos
“Blizzard” by Kellie Rendina
“Blue” by Darius Sadighi
“Captain’s Glory” by Taylor Campbell
“Colored Looks,” “Peace,” and “Waiting Room” by Juan Holmes
“Flight Attendant at 10 a.m.” by Annie Persons
“Forget” by Jennifer Pence
“On the Ropes” and “Sonny Liston as a Metaphor” by Kyle McGinn
“The Last Night” by Savannah Jual Martin
“Prarie” by Kate Belew
“Skeet” by Wyatt McMurry
“Undeveloped” by Sean Thompson