by Savannah Jual Martin

In the single suspended hour
between sleep and soft caress,
when all the ecstasy of
quiet, nocturnal romance shudders
one last time,
reminding us, gently,
of its influence,
and the cooing doves repeat
with every breath
that night has come,
and gone,
she rises.
Then, grasping at her coat
she steals one absolute, nostalgic glance–
and tiptoes down the hall.
He feigns deep sleep
and sighs as she leaves:
goodbye gorgeous,
hello dawn.

Savannah Jual Martin is a writer-feminist-individual-in-progress currently living in Paris, France on an exchange program through her home university, University of Arizona. She studies journalism and political science, and she hopes to someday use her knowledge of these subjects to write works of fiction and nonfiction that will inspire her readers to change the world. In the meantime, she plans to nurture her spirit with coffee, chocolate, yoga, music and poetry. To read more of Savannah’s work visit her blog, Untethered as a Cloud, at