Alisha Berg: “Female Effigy Vessel, three shots”

Jayson Carter: “Me and My Friends”

Courtney Eckler: “Round and Round; 7 Days of Shelter; Anonymous; Guitar; New Arc; Faces 6; Dash’s Guitar”

Rebecca Farrow: “Crystallization Detail; Crystallization; Resistance Detail; Resistance”

Larry V. Madrigal: “My Beloved; Alex Cathedral; Foreknown”

Catelyn Mailloux: “Daddy, Four Shots”


Brianna M. Jentz, “Blood and Ice Cream”

Catherine Wang, “On Being My Mother’s Daughter”

Chelsea Crosby Jones, “I Am the West”

Erin Lodes, “In the Dark”

Mina Hamedi, “Mess” and “Mini-Skirts and Headscarves”


Phillip Spotswood, “Benjamin Grassberg’s Space Traveler: A Translation”

Olaya D Barr, “Central Park Pedicab”

Josh McDermott, “A Confirmation of Spatial Orientation”

Evan Williams, “Sharkfin Sonnet”

Anne Persons, “Lights; Pivots”

Christina Bertrand, “A Haiku That Uses and Understanding of a Concept in Physics to Talk About Love”

Nana Nimako, “Plans”

Elizabeth Purvis, “Dimentia”

Saly Wong, “True Escape”

Estee Arts, “Elm Seed”

Emily Spanos, “Dogwood”


Emma Nash, “The Deer” 

Mehra Gharibian, “A Pious Man”

Molly O’Brien, “Blue Horse in Shangri-La”

Randy Blackmon, “Floridaze”