“Ava Sits in the Moon 2,” ”Girls Girls Girls,” “Mama’s Polka Dots,” and “Pillow Talk” by Ariel Ehlenz

“Paranoid” by John Davis

“Polar,” and “The Americana” by Olivia Samerdyke

“Snowfall” by Katherine Dunphy


“what icarus would have said, if god had listened” by Hallie Hough


“Loving in New Ways” by Ava Nadel

“Summer Cycle” by Danielle Perservati

“A Daughter in the House” by Jennifer Jensen

“Our Mornings” by Robert Henhaffer

 “Rain and Ourselves: A Commentary on the Human State of Selfishness” by Amelia Marie Zaldivar


“Damned if They Don’t” by Sara Bauer

“Miss Elevator Eyes” by Nicole Horowitz

“Something at First Sight” by Ian Mark

“The Life” by Danielle Mayhew

“Yesterday” by Martin McGowan

“Upwards” by Olivia McPherson

“For an Empty Sky” by Ella Melker

“Valerie, Valera” by Jacob Mohr

“Thought Crime” by Alexander Sanna

“See the Colors” by Rachel Worrell


“At the Everest Base,” “Song of a Martian Colonist,” and “Why the Butterfly Nibbles on Roadkill” by Chris Marchello

“Celestials” by Madeline Mori

“Charles Bronson Sings the Blues, “Lips to Cold Glass,” and “Theme from ‘Halloween’” by A. Jordan DeWitt

“How to Write the Great American Football Novel” by Andrea Johnson

“The Albany Projects” by Sonia Currie

“The Melancholy of Orange” by Brittney Vrzak