what icarus would have said, if god had listened

By Hallie Hough

we grew in our minds
gods who,
with fair hair
and burning crowns,
bit humanity’s sense of

now, in efforts to reclaim,
my father and i are
covered by dragonflies
threading thick through
black trees, and led by heavy sunlight
to the vigorously churning seaside.

dusted with fine gold,
i strap dark leather
across muscles
singing with

on the horizon,

streaked by the heavy wave
of clouds, the sun cradles daytime
in her long veils.

i care for nothing at all but
the endless sky and
the mounting of great
hurricanes in my soul

and i

with grinning maw,
return now to
the freedom

of sunlight

as clamouring seas
and delirious skies
consume me.

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