Brittney Vrzak


When you’re Green
You rhyme with a lot of things
Green is easy breezy as being with your team
In the rebirth sheen of spring,
And is the sour shade of an insult’s sting
Do you glean my meaning?
Green is soft grass all intertwined within earth dirty duplicitous deeds
Bitter-sweet binaural nature of the weed
It’s an ‘every rose has its thorn’ kind of thing
Like queen Bees, preened, hated but clean
Wean yourself off the envious emerald mean
And simply be so keen
As to appreciate those things you’ve seen
It’s the color of crisp clean baby leaves and also slime
Good and bad and always sublime
Green’s duality aside it as much to match, much to rhyme
A rhyming cornucopia, compost pile, complicated color, mother ton of good Green stuff

When you go with Black
You talk smack
Keep your hands off my money jack,
You must be on crack
If you think you can beat me back
Don’t get off track
And don’t talk crap
Or I’ll bite back
I can handle any attack
Yeah, I’m all that
I’m tellin’ you and that’s a matter of fact

When you go together with Yellow
You can be super smiley mellow,
Saying hello, good day to you my fine fellow
They like you because you’re sunny and you rhyme with funny
Yellow and funny go together, you know?
Sunflowers and daisies out the wazoo
Having long talks
While taking long walks
On the beach
With good things about life to teach

When you rhyme with Red
You got the passion power
With a spark of soul that fades not with the passing hours
Imagine me fancy free
Don’t you eye ball me
Cause you mess with Red
And I’ll make you dead
Loud, proud, stand out and don’t back down,
Take a stance
and light me up
As we begin to dance.
Come get me, it you can catch me, if you wanna bet me
I’ll set the
Front burner on,
In me I’ve got a fire bomb
And I gotta let it burn higher and flier than before
This Red
is forever hot in my heart and head

Being Blue
Be cool, smooth, loose, true,
Free to be the hero or the fool
Sway and flow, dive and go
Swim stroke, sink float
On the surface of life
Cool as a cat on ice
With that casual confidence that can entice
Hey you
Sly, silly, saucy serenity,
Clear cut and not so much
Washing away my worry with all that you do


All those colors have rhymes
You know?
They have matches and things that go with
What about me huh?
What about orange?
Where’s my rhyme?
Orange smorange porridge, out of range, insane, necrophage
Nothing fits, nothing rhymes – orange is

Ooooo-riginal like the broken mold on vegetables left to themselves in the fridge too long
Reminiscent of rancid
Awesomeness off in
Nothing space, nether-sphere because language didn’t
Generate me a rhyme. Thanks a lot you
Ever exquisite escritoires of the ef-ing English language for leaving me with no extra

No rhyme, no pair, no partner, no good time,
No other fish in the sea,
None in a plethora of possible words,
That belong with me

Because nothing rhymes with Orange
Except maybe another Orange