“As One”

Tell my shadow to stay behind,

Will not allow its tyranny to overpower me, us,

Repressed thoughts will now speak,

No more neglected chimeras,

Pass the lifeline,

Throw it far into the sea,

I have to dive deep down,

But it will only be briefly,

Once I find myself, Promise to pull me out carefully,

Back at shore,

Where visions become clearer,

Translucent visions are a far away view,

Under sunlit rays we rest,

Taking in huge amounts of air as if it were to suddenly vanish,

Our bodies ache from fighting back against fortified currents,

Receiving multiple bruises and a few broken bones for our efforts,

Saving a life is not easy,

But it is worth the risk,

To find one’s true self you must dive deep down,

I will pass the lifeline,

Throw it far into the sea,

Trust me it will only be briefly,


You have to find yourself,

But you will not do it alone,

I promise to pull you out carefully and bring us back to shore,

Have you found yourself yet?

Do you feel true?

Take a breath,

Walk along the edge of the shore,

Avoid looking into the distance,

Admire a more clearer vision,

Now let us go back as one,

We must go back,

They need to find themselves too