Value & Worth

I live in a world,
Where the weight of my body,
Is more important than the weight of the words I say.
The smoothness of my skin
Overshadows the sharpness of my wit.
You say that we’re finally equal on this earth,
But how can we be equal
If my chest
Is considered more distracting than yours
How can we be equal,
If you’re allowed to touch my body,
As long as I’m drunk, scantily clad, and asking for it.
We’ll never be equal
Until the value of my body,
Surpasses the appeal of my body,
And the worth of my mind,
Eclipses it all.


Victoria Green is a freshman English Major at Coastal Carolina University. She was most recently published in the student run literary art magazine Archarios. Her piece Value and Worth was written to draw attention to the inequality of the sexes and the value of a woman.