The Reservoir

The moon was absent
and it made the lake still
enough to notice the nervous
quiver travel your bottom lip.

Like an adrenaline aftershock.
Or the silence of darting minnows.

Your fingers found the length of my spinal valley
while they explored crevasse contentment
in the moss covered stone.



Winter, the midnight of Spring;
a young king of withering light.
His armies fight for death,
Attendees to time on nature’s clock.
Heavily guarded herds of lavender and life
hibernate under shields of snow.
Seasoned struggles break up boredom
but the trees still sigh at the stars.



Casey Schafer is an Art and Design major at Towson University.  Her work has been featured in Fine Print, a student publication of the Community College of Baltimore County.  She works in the kitchen of a chocolate shop, and likes to listen to people talk.