Two Magnets

Two magnets,
not close enough to come together,
but close enough to feel it.
The attraction, the pull.
They were made for each other,
and they knew it.
They shook with the knowledge,
constantly trying to get closer.
If only they weren’t so far away.
If only the pull was just a little bit stronger.
Then they could be together.
Then they could become one.
Two magnets,
you and me,
the two magnets,
that could never be.



Jazmine Bowens is currently studying Psychology at Mary Baldwin University. After Bowens gets her B.S. in Psychology, she will join Liberty in North Korea for a year before attending medical school. By age twenty-six, Bowens aspires to be an established psychiatrist for children that are hard of hearing/deaf and for children that cannot get help unless financially assisted.