“Green” by Bryson Schubert

A hundred hues of green dance amidst the breeze

Oh, such would be the bliss if we lived like the trees

The trees that reach toward the light

No branch obscures the way

Lifting their arms to the sky

Yearning for the light of day

And if we were really like the trees

Longing only for the sun

Letting none stop us

We could truly see the glory

Within the life of green




“A Sad Poem”

Time stood still tonight

We laughed so hard, we cried

We cooked and danced across the kitchen floor

You looked beautiful and didn’t even try


Time stood still tonight

We laid in bed and cried

I told you everything would be okay

When we’d have to say goodbye


Time stood still today

When we had to say  goodbye

You went off to new adventures

And I went off to cry


Thinking of the times we had

Made me realize

That all the time was gone

The time to laugh

To love

To cry

To wish that time stood still

To have forever just a little longer

To say one last goodbye




Biographical Note: My name is Bryson Schubert. I am a writer, that’s what I am. I wrote my first poem when I was sixteen and became obsessed with the art. Since then, I’ve produced over forty poems. I have started a handful of screenplays as well. I love writing and hope to, one day, work as a writer.