“Is This What Fighting Feels Like?” by Joenon Sulzen

My face has turned a shade of crimson

more red than my nail polish

My palms are drenched in regret

that is my only form of release

My throat is too dry to speak 

what my mind is screaming

My head pounds to a music 

that is not there.


How did this happen?


The heart in my chest 

beats slower than it should

And I am unable

to take a full breath

My skin has become

detached from my body

A bitter taste fills my mouth

but I salivate like a dog


What did I do?


I blink away the salty fear

that blurs your soft figure

I find myself rewriting a story

that has one less character

And suddenly the short breaths stop

my heart has stopped as well



I feel like I am dying


I am not ready to say goodbye

to all that I know. 


Is this what fighting feels like?


Biographical Note: Joenon Sulzen is currently a student at the University of Wyoming studying English and Creative Writing. They love writing poetry and being able to express themself and their creativity through this outlet. Their love for creative writing comes from their mother; she is their true inspiration.