“Again” by Katie McCarthy


            is just a word

            until it fills a s p a c e

            —and has a face

            a time,

that gives it breath.

Can we start over?


As its paperwork sits on your chest,

hands too sweaty

to grip a pen

said, “can we start over



We try

            a shameful sway

            cracks the kitchen sink,

            spilled my favorite tea

            on your lap,

            ripped up your nicely kept poetry

said, “can we start over—



More thematic than a Greek vowel stem

said, “we’re going to stop now.”

said, “do you know what you want to do?”



            “Can we start over,





Biographical Note: Katie McCarthy is a student from Fort Collins, Colorado. She is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in English from Belmont Abbey College. Her muse is her border collie, Ellie and her work has appeared in The Gravity of the Thing, Agora, and Kaleidoscope