“The Calm After the Storm” by Sophia Selliris

A tsunami in her swollen eyes,

buried away in the sand.

The dreaded dry particles-

she took her last stand.


The person she knew,

an old lover from her past.

He stole every breath-

she could not make it last.


The raging waves came;

they washed him away with the rest.

He left her feeling sorrow,

she bleeds in her chest.


A hand reaches down,

in the depths of her despair.

An unexpected sign-

she gasps for air.


A familiar face appears,

she was not ready to see.

His eyes greet her gently,

she calms the storm in his sea.


He found her once again,

in her deepest, darkest state.

He swam back to shore-

to save her.

She feels this is her fate.


When the waves come again,

he will be there by her side.

She will be lost-

and he will find her…

when she drifts with the tide.


Biographical Note: Sophia Anna Selliris is currently a sophomore attending the University of River Falls-Wisconsin. Her major is English emphasis in Creative Writing, and she is also a Professional Writing minor. She plans on becoming either a copywriter or an editor for a career, but she hopes to become an author as well. As of currently, she is an honor roll student and works part-time as a shift supervisor at Starbucks. She specifically loves to write poetry and first begun writing her own pieces outside of school when she was around 15 years old. Last year, one of her poems was chosen for her school’s literary magazine, Prologue. Her undeniable passion for writing continues to grow the more she shares her work. Her goal is to become an inspiration and raise awareness on mental health through her journey of becoming an author.