“If I Could Hold the World in my Two Hands” by Trinity Carlbom

If I could hold the world in my two hands

I’d throw it on the ground


Abandon it before it got the chance to leave a cut—


So what if it has a concussion?


At least it didn’t have a seizure in her sleep.

At least God keeps it alive.




If I could hold the world in my two hands

I’d sandpaper it down

Before it could hear my vulnerability enough to say L-words











AND                                                                     IF


I hold my breath 

close my eyes

pop my lungs

andfill my stomach full




If i could hold the World in my two hands





i held my World in my two hands


Biographical Note: Trinity Carlbom is a current student attending Chaminade University of Honolulu, studying both English and Psychology. From birth, she has always been a writer and poet, often performing spoken word in her spare time to an audience of stuffed animals. She hopes to obtain her MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry in the near future and work on publishing poetry books detailing her whirlwind life.