Alan Dovell

Amy L. Schleichert

Laura Wise

Tammy Talley

Tiffany Lewis


“Fresh! Delicious!” by Joey Schuller

“Play Ball” by Kelly Cernetich

“In the Eye of the Beholder” by Margery Bayne


“My Grandfather Told Me…” and “Mourning the Arizona Blackbirds…” by Alicia Banaszewski

“Crazy Bus” by Cait Munro

“In That Ditch” by David Reece

“Crows in Standish Park” by Ernie LoBue

“The Urban Bonus” by Gary Wagers

“Paris Doesn’t Inspire You” and “Not a Guide to Stain Removal” by Kaitlyn Duling

“My Roots” and “A Simple Word” by Maggie Miller

“Scheherazade’s Shame” and “The Bubblecracker Suite” by ┬áMahdis Marzooghian

“Escape” and “Nightlife” by Samantha Tulloch