Cat Mailloux

Courtney Eckler

Dayl Carlson

Harrison Carpenter

Renee Blair

Zoe Weingarten


“Aunt Francesca” by Alexander Lindley

“Taste of Truth” by Anne Marie Gochis

“Ella” by Christina Bertrand

“A Study in Dots” by Lindsey Aldred


“The Gift” by  Alex Franco

“Quiet” by Alex Grover

“These Things I Do Not Know” by Christian A. Truman

“I feel like someone else” by Emily J. Cousins

“Ice Storm Cooking” and “In His Image” by JennaRose Bondeson

Three Poems by Katelyn Devine

“To Have a Family” by Katie Taylor

“Buttery Dedication to Death” by Margaret Larson

“Helicopters” by Rachel Flesch-Parishy

“Been the Off White” and “After Careful Consideration…” Sonca Hoang

The Undiscovered Country

“Introduction to My Redemption” by Rinda Payne