Earth Contra” by Ethan Trunnel

The Conscious Cure” by Andrew Greene

The Equinox Festival” by Ariel Durkee

Pupils, Pennies, and Pastries” by Luke Upchurch

Supermarket Shuffle” by Kane McCaslin

So Anyways” by Michael Moeller


Way-Station” by Shira Hereld

A Golfing Anniversary” by William R. Boersma


Jessica Applegate

Christine Beatty

Autumn Bussuvanno

Oscar Campos

Lindsey Carter

Kristen Melton

Olivia Samerdyke

Emily Witt


Whiskey Burn” by Anna Szilagyi

A Brief History of Apologies” by Matthew Pereda

Costume Party” by Jared Hecht

Odessa, TX,” and “Abiquiú, NM” by Elizabeth Donaldson

Mountain Climbers” by Lucy Zhao

Value and Worth” by Victoria Green

My Dead Dog” by Robert Davis

Time seems to be nothing…” by Christa Rohrback

White Boys” and “Rustproof Wire” by Carlina Duan

Migration” by Cynthia Woodring


Blood” by Dan Ramirez

Surfin Safari” by Lucas Inn

The Bully” by Emily Currie

I Need a New Barber” by Ryan Lackey

Like Father, Like Daughter” by Samantha Riley

College. Abbreviated.” by Eric Rodgers

A Herd of Bison” by Bri Forney

Love Goggles” by Jennifer Butler