Parents’ Corner

Parents’ Corner was designed to provide helpful tips and advice to parents of prospective and current Mary Baldwin University students.

Below, Parent Council member Cindy Bolton shares some pointers.

Mary Baldwin Career Resources Guide Parents and Students

It seems like only yesterday when I traveled with my daughter, Sara Beth, for her freshman year move into Spencer Residence Hall. Now as a senior, she has learned to advocate for herself and to navigate the community that is Mary Baldwin University. As parents of college juniors and seniors, we become cheerleaders to encourage and support them in their next steps beyond college, whether that is finding their first job or the right graduate school program.

Facing change is always hard, even if it is a happy change, such as successfully completing a hard-earned degree. We all have a certain amount of fear of the unknown — our daughters included. They may doubt their value to a prospective employer or graduate school, or they may not be sure how to articulate it. As parents, we can support our daughters by sharing what has worked well for us in our life experiences. But we don’t have to do this alone. Mary Baldwin University has many resources that parents can access to help our daughters transition from college to the working world.

Whether students plan on attending graduate school or entering the work force, they will find valuable information under College to Career on the Mary Baldwin homepage. Topics include goal setting, application preparation, résumé writing, cover letters, personal marketing packages, and interviewing.

From, choose the Campus Life tab. Under the Student Support heading, select College to Career, which will take you to a recently developed page designed to guide students in tailoring their Mary Baldwin education to future career and graduate school goals.

Take some time to explore the whole page, but I’m going to focus on the Career Services link under the heading Our Vantage Point. From the Career Services page, check out the resources under Students in the left-hand navigation.

The Career Exploration section links to external websites such as Focus, an online interactive career exploration site. Additionally, Job Shadow contains real interviews with people who talk about their careers, and the site What Can I Do With This Major? connects majors to careers.

Also of special interest is the section on the Students tab about jobs and internships. The Baldwin Job Board is a database of jobs and internship opportunities for students and alumni. Information here helps students develop valuable networking skills.

Similarly, the section about graduate school preparation has information to direct a student through the graduate school search and application process.

Under the Parents tab in the left navigation, parents can access a career development plan that begins with exploration, leads to connection, and culminates with preparation as your daughter approaches graduation. Parents can also increase opportunities for students by signing up to advertise jobs or internships with Mary Baldwin.

As our daughters make yet another transition, the Mary Baldwin community has placed valuable resources at our fingertips. We can look forward to the day when our daughters call “just to talk,” and — being gainfully employed — the conversation does not include the phrase, “more money in my account, please.”