Space Reservation Request

Space Reservation Request

Space Reservation Request

This form creates a space reservation request. Please complete this form at least SEVEN (7) working days before the event. The appropriate department will contact you via email to confirm the reservation. If follow up is needed, to cancel or change this reservation, follow the instructions here.

Sponsor Information:

if student organization

Event Information

Meeting, luncheon, etc.

Services needed:

Upload a diagram below, if necessary.
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Make sure your diagram is labeled with the event name and date
Please describe what multimedia outcomes you require. For example, "voice amplification for two people speaking.," "project images from a MB laptop onto a screen," "amplification of music from an iPod," etc.
More information about what furniture and multimedia equipment is already available in each location, visit
A representative from Food Service will contact you for further details

Event Location:

If necessary