Fire Safety


In community living styles fire safety is very important. It is important to know evacuation routes, what to do in the case of a fire or fire alarm, as well as what you can do to protect yourself and your colleagues from a potential fire. This page is dedicated to fire safety education at Mary Baldwin University. Please explore the links above for further information. For questions or concerns please contact Campus Safety at 540-887-7000.

If you see fire or smell smoke in a building do the following:

  1. Evacuate the building,
  2. Pull the fire alarm while evacuating (there is normally a pull station at every exit).
  3. Report to the building assembly point area.
  4. Call 911 and let the dispatcher know the location and any details you can give about the incident. (If it is safe to do so, after calling 911, call Campus Safety at 540-887-7000.)
  5. When personnel arrive on scene tell them what you know, and if you know of anyone who may be trapped or missing. DO NOT re-enter the building until given clearance from the Fire Department or a Campus Safety Officer on scene.

The Office of Residence Life conducts Health and Safety Inspections with the assistance of the Office of Campus Safety at various times throughout the year. Click on Health and Safety Inspections to find out more about these inspections. It is important to note per the housing agreement staff may need to enter residence hall rooms for the following but not limited reasons; routine maintenance, repairs, inspections, and emergencies. If a staff member identifies a fire/health safety violation they are required to report it to the Office of Residence Life and/or Campus Safety.

For questions regarding Fire Safety please contact the Manager of Regulatory Safety Compliance & Training, Nick Hall by calling 540-887-7000 or email