The scene is laid out like a James Bond plot: chance (and the probability-immured process of pulling names out of a hat) brings two teams of three-to-five individuals together. They have twenty-four hours (or so) to edit an early modern play into a 30 minute abridgement for playgoing audiences. Two plays. Three teams of 3-5 people. One play to one team. One dramaturg to cut said play down to 30-35 minutes. 12(ish) hours of rehearsal. This year is no exception. As part of MFA Company Compass Shakespeare Ensemble’s week-long fun-filled festival, watch two intrepid teams tackle Moliere’s Tartuffe and William Shakespeare’s Pericles. As Compass puts it, “Come see short and silly cuts of two shows that didn’t make it into Compass Shakespeare Ensemble’s season.” The festivities begin at 7 PM tonight on the fifth floor of the Masonic Building,

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