Geoffrey Kent
by Sarah Duttlinger

The Mary Baldwin Shakespeare and Performance Program has been highly fortunate to play host to many gifted practitioners and scholars over the years, offering a unique experience to work alongside professionals in the field while studying. This fall, Staunton played host to actor, director, fight director, and stage combat instructor Geoffrey Kent. Kent is based out of Denver, Colorado where he has worked with many regional theatres including the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the Arvada Center for the Performing Arts, Curious Theatre Company, Aurora Fox and nationally he has been all over the United States. He is also an accomplished fight master with the Society of American Fight Directors. Kent was working with the American Shakespeare Center on their fall season as both fight choreographer for the season as well as playing Rufio in Julius Caesar, and Antony in Antony and Cleopatra.

In addition to his time spent on stage with the ASC Geoffrey Kent also spent time working with Steadfast Shakespeare Company with their small scale production fights in both Macbeth and Tempest. Kent also availed himself to second year students working on their thesis. He sat in Reunion bakery and espresso bar with Sarah Duttlinger for an interview for her thesis entitled “The Bard’s Technique.” The opportunity to work alongside such distinguished professionals in the field is a priceless one, it allows students to ask the tough questions about the crazy business of theatre, as well as gain practical knowledge of how best to work in the rehearsal room. The greater Shakespeare and Performance Company of MBU is extremely grateful to Geoffrey Kent for offering his time and energy during the busy fall season at the ASC and truly looks forward to his return in the future!

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