Rubber: Meet Road

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.30.46 AMIn the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree track, typically the third year of study in the Shakespeare and Performance program, things get real. After acquiring foundational skills and knowledge through the Master of Letters curriculum, students form a bona fide company and launch a full-scale performance season. In the company model, introduced in 2012, each member assumes lead responsibility for a certain aspect — such as costuming, directing, marketing, and scheduling — and everyone gets a taste of the entire process. The goal: to take all that understanding of Shakespeare and his contemporaries and parlay it into skills for the professional world. The 30-credit-hour MFA degree culminates in a festival presentation of the five-play repertoire, and students collaboratively produce a book about their work as a company.

American shakespeare center internship

As an alternate route to the Master of Fine Arts, prospective students can audition or apply for a competitive internship at the American Shakespeare Center (ASC) paired with their application to the MFA program. The highly selective two-year, 60-semester-hour program offers students the opportunity to work with the world-renowned ASC as an actor, director, or dramaturg at the Blackfriars Playhouse while studying Shakespeare and his contemporaries. During their second year, students join the Mary Baldwin MFA Company to help launch a full-scale performance season.

MFA Companies

Fireside Shakespeare: 2019 – 2020

2018-19: Bard’s Ablaze Theatre Collective

2017-18: The Motley Shakespeare Players

2016-17: Compass Shakespeare

2015-16: Sweet Wag Shakespeare

2014–15: Turning Glass Shakespeare

2013–14: Rogue Shakespeare

2012–13: Roving Shakespeare