Strategic Planning: Mary Baldwin 2020


Mary Baldwin 2020 is a bold yet achievable blueprint. The result will be an institution that does an even better job of providing our hallmark personalized and transformative education.
– President Pamela Fox



In 2020, Mary Baldwin will be recognized as a distinctive small university, committed to academic excellence and united through a constellation of communities, that empowers a broad range of learners to exceed expectations and pursue lives of purpose.


Beginning in January 2013, the Mary Baldwin Board of Trustees engaged in research and community conversations to lay the foundation for a new strategic plan, building on the tenets of the college’s previous plan, Composing Our Future, adopted in 2004. The Board’s study was intended to look outward to assess shifting paradigms in higher education as well as inward to align Mary Baldwin’s core value and strengths with societal needs.

A year of investigation and data gathering by more than 150 Mary Baldwin faculty, staff, students, alumni, and administrators generated hundreds of pages of reports and meeting notes, which were used to create the first draft of Mary Baldwin 2020 in early 2014. Feedback was gathered during a series of faculty and staff forums and online surveys of current students and alumni. Mary Baldwin 2020 was formally endorsed by the Board of Trustees on July 17, 2014.

In January 2015, President Fox discussed the creation of the strategic plan and how it will shape the future of the college during a live webinar.


Mary Baldwin in 2020 will be a small university of between 2,200 and 2,500 students enrolled in one of our five dynamic, interrelated programs: the Residential College for Women, a non-residential undergraduate and post-baccalaureate program; the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences; a College of Education; and the Shakespeare and Performance Program.

Four goals will guide decisions about Mary Baldwin’s growth and expansion:

  • Create a sustainable synergy among academic programs
  • Create the infrastructure to support our institution of 2020
  • Achieve the components of financial sustainability
  • Enhance external funding

Learn more about specific goals or read the full plan.