Chasity Nobles, an Alabama native, is currently a senior at MBU majoring in Business Entrepreneurship and Spanish. Upon graduation in May, she plans on relocating to California in order to launch a social enterprise business.
“I always had a passion for helping people and business is my calling, so I want to do something where I can have the best of both worlds.” 
What cool opportunity did you have this summer?
I had the opportunity to study abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica.
How did MBU prepare you for this opportunity?
MBU prepared me for this opportunity by helping me find study abroad programs to attend, scholarship achievements, and also helped me with learning about Costa Rica before I went, and all the documents I would have to have in order to travel abroad.


What did you learn?
I learned that in Costa Rica there are not any addresses and that it rains everyday there. I also learned how to speak and listen to Spanish so much better and also, I learned how to be more opened mined about different cultures, because everyone is not the same.


Were there any challenges? If so, how did you overcome said challenges?
Everyone was speaking Spanish, and my host family that I lived with did not know English, so it was really hard at first to communicate, but I overcame these challenges by studying hard, and also practicing as much as I possible could, and my the end of my trip I was speaking fluent Spanish.


What were some key take-aways, both personally and professionally?
Costa Rica is a gorgeous country, and the people there live by the saying “Pura Vida” its a phrase they use to state that everything is good, and to live life. I learned how to relax more and not worry about so many things that I can not fix at the moment. The culture is very relaxed and they like to take one day at a time and to enjoy life. By me learning another language it will help me in the professional world, because now I have the knowledge of connecting with more many people through language.


What advice do you have for other students pursuing the same interests?
I advise other students to never give up on your dreams even if you are denied many times, and you feel as if you can not afford to study abroad. I say continue to push forward keep trying because a break through will soon come.
Lastly, how did this opportunity make you an Agent of Change?
This opportunity made me an Agent of Change, because I continued to pursue my dreams even when all the odds where against me. Pura Vida!

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