By Faith Parker

Internships are a great opportunity for college students to gain experience in their field of interest, network in their career area, and learn so much more! However, applying for internships can be a stressful part of the college experience. Here at The Vantage Point, we thought we’d break down the application process into five easy steps.

  • Timing
    • Be proactive. Timing is a big part of whether or not you get an internship. Since internships can be very competitive, it is important that you apply for them at the right time. Know the application deadline, and plan accordingly, so that you don’t feel rushed when completing the process.  If you wait until the last minute, the company you are trying to work for will notice that you rushed your application. Simply put, the earlier you can apply, the better.
  • Resume and Cover Letter
    • When applying for internships, your first impression comes from your resume and cover letter. When applying for internships it is important to tailor your resume and cover letter to the internship you want. Go through your current resume and pick and choose which job experiences, trainings, and volunteer work are relevant to the internship you’re currently applying.
  • Interview
    • Most internships require an interview.  It is important to prepare for your interview as soon as you know you have one. Research the company you are planning on doing work for. Make sure you know the basics: what’s their brand?, what are their mission and vision?, etc.
  • Network
    • One of the best ways to find and land an internship is to tap into your personal network. Talk to your professors, former employers, current employers, friends, and family. All of these individuals make up your personal network and undoubtedly are connected to people or positions in your field of interest.  Most people land jobs through their network.  
  • Ask for help
    • Often times, trying to find an internship can be overwhelming; the stress of interview prep, and perfecting your resume can be too much to handle alone. Never be afraid to ask for help. You can get help with your resume at The Vantage Point or ask friends to help you edit the document until it is relevant to the internship of your dreams. You can also ask trusted friends and family to act as mock interviewers for you to help you practice your posture and speaking voice before the big interview. And lastly, take a deep breathe. No matter how important an internship may be to you, it is always important to practice self-care.


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