Christina Harris

Christina Harris

Interim Career Services Director, Vantage Point

My name is Christina Harris and I love helping people! 

While my degrees in Philosophy and Library Science have led me to academic librarianship, I have discovered another passion connecting “knowledge to access” through career development. I have the unique experience of being a student (c/o 2014) and an instructor, and my personality is an asset when connecting with others in various stages of life by building bridges of understanding. For me, career services are an extension of library services. Helping students with research for their papers/projects prepares them to search for answers in the world; while teaching students personal and professional development teaches them how to take those answers and turn it into reality. As a society, we should be long gone with the notion of having to bear the brute of life lessons alone. With information overload extinguishing our desires to think critically, we must trust in something or someone to help get you passed the finish line.

At the Vantage Point we ask students what they want/need, assess where they are, and then tailor an experience on how they can get to their next destination. When we help students connect college to career, we are telling them that MBU was the right choice, and that they can be Bold and make a difference. 

The Vantage Point can offer someone more than just “how to apply for a job”. We take you down the path of exploration and identify what you really want for your future. We currently offer the following services during our office hours, group/class sessions, and on-on-one sessions:

  • Resume/Cover Letter building
  • How to apply to jobs
  • How to Network
  • Mock Interviews
  • How to Dress for Success
  • Handshake Integration
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