Student Conduct Board

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Knowledge is Key

The motto of the Student Conduct Board is Knowledge is Key. This motto illustrates the expectation that all Students who enroll at Mary Baldwin be knowledgeable and agree to abide by all of the University’s rules, regulations, and standards.  Failure to abide by the Code may result in sanctions, including termination of a Student’s academic career at Mary Baldwin.

The Student Conduct Board is a Student board made up of one Chair and up to 7 Student representatives. Student Conduct Board positions are peer elected and filled through the Student Government Association elections or by Chair appointment.  Members of the Student Conduct Board are held to the same Code standards as all Mary Baldwin students. The Student Conduct Board exists to educate students about the Code, investigate alleged violations of the Code and, depending on the nature and severity of the alleged Code violation, to determine student responsibility and impose sanctions.

The Mary Baldwin University (“MBU”, “MB”, “Mary Baldwin”, or “University”) Code of Student Conduct (Code) identifies the rules governing Student conduct and the procedures employed to investigate and resolve alleged violations of the Code.  The Student Conduct Board and the Office of Student Life are charged with the primary responsibility to regulate matters of student conduct in the University community. The motto “Knowledge is Key” means that all Mary Baldwin Students are expected to be informed about the Code and its standards and to conduct themselves in accordance with its conduct rules.

All student inquiries concerning the Code should be directed to the current Student Conduct Chair or to the Student Conduct Advisor and/or Director of Student Conduct and Development.

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