Student Government at Mary Baldwin

Student Handbook

Leaders at Mary Baldwin University are easy to find. Being a good leader is never easy, but opportunities to make a difference at Mary Baldwin are easy to find. With more than 120 elected or appointed positions, the Student Government Association (SGA) is responsible for the management and development of the Mary Baldwin student community and is based in the principles of the Honor System.


The executive branch of the SGA is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Chairs of Baldwin Program Board, Honor Council, Inter-Club Council, Judicial Board, Residence Hall Association, and Student Advocates.


The Student Senate is lead by the SGA Vice President and is the legislative branch of the SGA. The Senate membership is representative of the student body and is elected each fall. Senate meets every Tuesday starting on the third Tuesday of September during Convocation hour in Francis Auditorium and is responsible for enacting legislation, keeping the student body informed, and making sure student voices are heard.


The Honor Council is made up of one chairwoman and 7 representatives. The duties of this board include educating others on Mary Baldwin’s Honor Code, investigating any possible infractions of the Honor Code, and imposing sanctions based on the individual cases.


The Judicial Board consists of a chairwoman and 7 representatives. The duties of the Judicial Board are to educate students about the Code of Conduct and social regulations, to hear cases involving infractions of the Code and regulations, and to impose penalties as warranted by the individual cases.


The Student Advocates includes the lead advocate and 7 representatives. The role of the Student Advocates is to raise campus awareness about issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, campus diversity, tolerance, and conflict resolution, and to advise and provide support for students accused of an honor or judicial violation.


The Residence Hall Association consists of a chairwoman and four board members. These student leaders oversee and guide residence hall presidents, helping them to provide social opportunities and bonding for their community.


The Baldwin Program Board consists of a Chairwoman, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and three Coordinators. The board is responsible for planning and organizing the social calendar with movies, entertainers, co-sponsored events, and more.


The Inter-Club Council consists of the Chairwoman, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, an appointed Publicity Chair and the president and treasurer of each recognized campus organization. The Inter-Club Council is a Student Government Association organization that facilitates and governs club activity on Mary Baldwin University Campus.


Appropriations allocates funds from the Student Activities fund to different clubs and organizations on campus. All the funds for student run clubs and organizations on campus come out of the Student Activities Fund (SAF) which is the fee you pay in your tuition at the beginning of the year. These funds are allocated and held after budget requests are submitted. The money goes into your account after the receipts are turned in.

Senior Class Officers

The Senior Class Officers assist in the planning and implementation of Commencement weekend traditions and events, they work closely with the Executive Administration to choose a Commencement speaker and spearhead student fundraising for a class gift to the college.

Advisor: Amber Ocasio,

Junior Class Officers

The Junior Class Officers assist in the planning and implementation of the Junior Dads and Family Ball in November. They work to raise funding for the ceremony and choose a Faculty or Staff member to introduce them as they receive their class rings. They work with the advisor to send out invitations, collect payment, plan the program and meet with the representative at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center.

Advisor: Cindy Wine,

Sophomore Class Officers

The Sophomore Class Officers assist in the planning and implementation of Apple Day. The Sophomore Class Officers plan Apple Eve celebrations, including the Attack the PAC class versus class dodgeball tournament and Attack the SAC dance and bonfire. On Apple Day, the Sophomore Class Officers are responsible to coordinating morning service projects, including annual apple gleaning at an area orchard, and the afternoon carnival for the campus community.

Advisor: Amber Ocasio,

First Year Council

First Year Council is an opportunity open to first year students during the Spring Semester. First Year Council meets every week to explore and grow introductory leadership development and skills. The First Year Council then uses these skills in the planning of their annual First Year Recognition Ceremony.

Advisor: Laura Cammaroto,