The Honor Code

The Honor Pledge

Believing in the principles of Student Government, I pledge myself to uphold the ideals and regulations of the Mary Baldwin University community. I recognize the principles of honor and cooperation as the basis of our life together. I shall endeavor faithfully to order my life accordingly. I will not lie, cheat, steal, plagiarize, or violate my pledge of confidentiality. I will encourage others to fulfill the ideals of the Honor System and will meet my responsibility to the community by reporting incidents of Honor offenses.

The Honor Council

The Honor Council is a student board made up of one chairwoman and up to 7 representatives. Honor Council positions are peer elected and filled through the Student Government Association elections or through Chairwoman appointments. Members of the Honor Council are held to the same standards as all Mary Baldwin students. The Honor Council exists to educate students about the Honor Code, investigate alleged violations of the Code, and to determine student responsibility when necessary.

Exams Dos and Don'ts

Do not bring bookbags, purses, notebooks, cell phones, computers, or cell phone/calculator combinations, any auditory devices (i.e. iPods into exam rooms). SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE: leave these items AT HOME AND in Residence Halls.

Do not take exams into the bathroom.

Do expect to see honor council representatives and proctors on duty. They will ask students to use CLASSROOMS as opposed to hallways FOR TAKING EXAMS.

DO BRING YOUR EXAM CARD — It is your ticket for taking exams.

DO take exams In the building where the exams are issued. The following areas are prohibited IN ALL BUILDINGS: faculty offices, computer labs, restrooms, elevators, and stairwells; IN ADDITION in Carpenter prohibited areas include: faculty lounge areas, hallways, and the sitting areas in the back of the halls in the faculty office area. Students must take their exam in the rooms with the appropriate color coded designations.

DO REMEMBER to respect the Mary Baldwin University honor code.

The Mary Baldwin Handbook States:

“Each student is expected to do her own work in all academic endeavors. Giving or receiving help on academic work unless allowed by the instructor is cheating and must be reported. It is the student’s responsibility not to discuss a test or exam with a student who has not taken it. To avoid the possible appearance of committing honor violations, students are advised not to possess or take any materials other than writing instruments and blank paper into any room where a closed book test or examination is being given or possess or take any materials not specifically permitted by the instructor into any room where an open book test or examination is being given. Books and study materials should be left in the Students room or outside the room where the test or examination is to take place.”

The Honor Council Board wishes you the best of luck on all your exams