The Mary Baldwin University Writing Center serves students at all levels, in all programs, and on all campuses, including the MBU Staunton campus, MBU Online, and the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences.

The Writing Center is housed in the Center for Student Success, a great collaborative space on the first floor of the Grafton Library. While in the Center, you’re likely to see your peers studying, meeting with faculty members, enjoying snacks and drinks from the Squirrels Corner Coffee Shop, or working with tutors on a variety of subjects.

Tutorials are usually one hour long, but shorter or longer sessions, and recurring weekly appointments can be arranged. An example of a Writing Center session might include a tutor and student brainstorming a topic for a freshman English composition; however, since our writing tutors come from a variety of curricular backgrounds, that session might involve an in-depth explanation of Chicago Style documentation for a History senior thesis. If you are an MDCHS student, your tutor or even the Director of the Academic Resource Center may be working to help you complete a written assignment for your doctoral degree.

Face-to-face tutorials with Academic Resource Center tutors are easy to schedule: just click here, then log in with your Mary Baldwin-issued Password and Username. This will bring you to the TutorTrac main menu, where you can search for tutors’ availability. Choose “Writing Center” in the drop down menu on the left of your screen, then under “Choice Required” choose the course you need help with from the list.  

The next step is to choose a date range using the calendar icons, then click “Search.” The schedules of the ARC tutors who are available to help with that course will appear. Click on the colored bar, and then complete the fields on “Appointment Entry”: the “Reason” is “Tutoring” or “Group Study”; and the “Location” is either “Face-to-Face” or “Online.” If you have a message for your tutor, you can add it under “Notes” then click “Save” to submit your appointment request.

IMPORTANT: students in the MBU Online programs and those commuter students living more than 20 miles away from campus are eligible for online tutoring. To schedule an online appointment, follow the steps above, choosing “Online” under “Location” on the “Appointment Entry” page. At the time of the tutorial, log in to TutorTrac, and see your appointment confirmation on the “Main Menu” page. Click on your appointment, which will bring up “Appointment Entry,” then click on “Open Livedoc Session” to begin your online tutoring session. Your tutor will have done the same.

Writing Center student staff members can visit classrooms at any time of the semester to share information about our tutoring program, and the Director is available to consult with faculty members about ways to integrate effective writing assignments into their courses.

NOTE: YOU MUST LOG IN AT THE FRONT DESK TO BE MARKED PRESENT FOR YOUR TUTORIAL. You will log out at the front desk when you leave the CSS.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do so at least 60 minutes in advance. Missing three appointments during the semester may affect your ability to schedule appointments online.

Need more information? Contact Dr. Jenny Joczik, Director of the Academic Resource Center,, 540-887-7250