“Even when the world shatters around you, you must build yourself up from the shards.” -Silvera


“They say eyes are a window to the soul” -Viper


Joceline “Rose” Rivera is a self taught artist since the age of twelve. She used to draw for her grandma when she was bedridden so that she could still see the world outside of her room. Rivera would try her best to replicate the flowers, people, or anything she could observe while being outside. Then, Rivera would come back to her grandmother with what she was able to draw. Her grandmother knew Rivera was no Picasso, but she enjoyed it nonetheless. As a result, she sent Rivera’s father off to buy her a sketchbook for her twelfth birthday and she has not stopped sketching since. Rivera’s main inspiration now comes from nature and mythology such as Greek, Latino, etc. She loves to blend the tales of old with realistic personalities with a hint of the art styles she grew up watching in animes and Saturday morning cartoons. Rivera’s current mediums range from canvas painting to simple sketching. Additionally, she has recently dived into the world of digital art and hopes to sell more posters of her designs in the near future.