Across cultures and religions, the full moon has different meanings and connotations. In movies, the full moon is a time when werewolves and witches roam the forest. In fact, many people consider full moons to be dangerous; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my mom tell me “Be careful out tonight. It’s a full moon!” However, many people use the full moon to their advantage, reaping the spiritual benefits of its heightened energy.


If you’ve recently heard everyone talking about doing a “full moon ritual,” you’re certainly not alone. On April 26th, 2021, we experienced both a Scorpio full moon and a pink full moon, both of which are believed to have an especially powerful effect. This full moon was the perfect time for “baby witches” to try out a new practice known as a full moon ritual, leaving many onlookers confused as to exactly what that entails.


So, what is a full moon ritual? Are these “baby witches” practicing something potentially dangerous? Do you have to be a “witch” to perform a full moon ritual? In short: no. Although the practice of performing a full moon ritual is most closely associated with Paganism and Wicca, people of any spirituality or religion may benefit from trying one out. Each person can tailor their full moon ritual to their own personal needs and desires, so there’s no reason for anyone to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Many people choose to focus on self-reflection and personal growth during this time.


During a full moon, there is believed to be a buildup of energy. This is part of why full moons are considered so dangerous; this energy buildup may cause people to act mischievously. It’s also believed to cause tension and arguments within your personal life. If you’ve ever driven on the highway on a full moon, it’s hard to deny that there is a different level of chaos and road rage present in drivers at this time. Yet, this intense energy is also what makes the full moon so powerful. After building up energy during its waxing cycle, the full moon is ready to release, slowly decreasing in energy during its waning cycle. Many who practice full moon rituals follow its lead, incorporating spiritual release into their practice.


Now, how does someone actually perform a full moon ritual? As I mentioned earlier, there’s no singular “right” way to do a full moon ritual. Many people choose to incorporate the following aspects:


  • Moonwater: Making moonwater is a super easy and fun practice to add to your full moon ritual. Simply fill a glass jar with clean water and leave it outside at night to absorb the moon’s energy. You may choose to set an intention for this water, such as “The moon’s energy will touch this water. This water will aid me in changing negative habits.” You can then drink your moonwater, add it to a ritual bath, or use it to water your plants.
  • Journaling: Journaling is especially useful for the “release” aspect of a full moon ritual. Write down anything that has been bothering you recently. What aspects of your life or your behavior could you change to solve these problems? Make note of these possible solutions, as well. Even the least spiritual person can benefit from some self-reflection and goal-setting. You may also choose to write out your intention for the upcoming new moon, perhaps something along the lines of “I release all patterns that do not serve me. I welcome positive change.”
  • Tarot Readings: Tarot cards can aid in self-reflection, help you establish future goals, and are also a great way to feel spiritually connected. They’re also just super fun, even if you don’t necessarily believe in them! You can find a full moon specific tarot spread online, create one yourself, or simply draw cards at random. Remember, your full moon ritual should be tailored to you personally, so if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of doing a tarot reading, there’s no pressure!
  • Ritual Baths: Baths are a relaxing way to incorporate spiritual and emotional release into your full moon ritual. As the water physically cleanses you, meditation, journaling, and visualization can help to cleanse your mind and energy. There are many ways to perform a ritual bath, but most involve candles, ambient music, and a clean tub.


Regardless of their spiritual beliefs, full moon rituals can be benefical for anyone to incorporate into their lives. Self-reflection, goal-setting, and mental release are universally advantageous practices, and the idea of celebrating the moon once a month is whimsical and fun. Everybody’s ritual is slightly different, so with a little research, it won’t be hard to create one that works for you!