Submission Deadline for Spring 2024 Issue March 31st, 2024; 11:59 PM 

[ OPEN! ]

Outrageous Fortune publishes literary and artistic works by undergrads. We accept submissions in the form of Visual Art, Film, Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction. Please see below for specific guidelines on formatting and limitations regarding submissions.

All submissions should be sent via email to, alongside a short introduction, identification of university/school being attended, and a short biography. Please enclose the submission type within brackets at the beginning of the subject line. Remember that Outrageous Fortune is a professional organization, and we expect submissions to be sent with professionalism. Submissions lacking professionalism may be outright rejected. 

Please send your submissions as either .pdf or .docx files within your email for ease of access.

In your submissions, please avoid the use of gratuitous violence or profanity, as well as violence against marginalized groups. These subjects can be alluded to and/or discussed, but avoid depicting them in any manner glorifying them.

Outrageous Fortune acquires first North American publication rights. All rights revert to the author after publication, though we request acknowledgment of first appearance in this journal. Please note we do not publish our new volume until the Spring of each year.


Poetry: You may submit up to five poems at a time—please be sure to format them as you want them to appear on the screen. We are now accepting poetry videos as well, to be submitted with the orator in front of a single-color background wearing professional attire. 

Short Stories and Novel Excerpts: Fiction should be double-spaced and less than 8,000 words, while novel excerpts should be self-contained. You may submit up to two pieces at a time, though they should be sent separately.

Plays, One-Acts, and Dramatic Monologues: You may submit only one at a time, and be sure to format it as you would like the piece to appear. We are interested in a variety of genres from comedy to abstract.

Essays: We are interested in all sorts of creative nonfiction, but we ask that you avoid sending literary criticism unless it is truly transformative of the work

Photography and Artwork: Send up to five pieces at a time.

Film: You may send up to two pieces at one time.

Outrageous Fortune looks forward to curating your submissions and hearing the voices of undergraduate students across the world!