As you grow older, son, so will I

These years, they seem to multiply

Time will consume me and all that will remain

Is my heart beating in your veins..

With life, there is so much joy

And with death, it can destroy

Don’t be consumed when I am no longer around

There’s a beat in your chest making a beautiful sound

Listen closely, we’re not far apart

Let me live on through the rhythm of your heart

Through all the pictures that we took

Through the pages of life’s wonderful book

I cherish every memory made

With you, I will always stay

Falling asleep in my lap

Rocking you to bed or to take a nap

From our very first encounter

To our very last goodbye

You’ll always be my son

Your toothless smiles

 The endless nights

Your very first laugh

Memories all so bright

The struggle to get you here

The perseverance to keep you alive

The ambition to work harder

For my little guy

Lelo, I love you more than you’ll ever know

I’m thankful already for the years that will help us grow

For the challenges that come, I’ll know we will surely face

You’re my number one, my Lelo, my ace


Karyn Williams is a mother of two and a junior at MBU. She enjoys writing and drawing in her free time. This
poem is about her first born.