He brought me roses today
The soft petals smoothed out
The knot on my forehead
Yes, he spent all of his money
On his car and not the bills
But he said his next check
Was going to the rent…
He even offered
To get my nails done
But I know he’s sorry because
He brought me roses today
Even after he didn’t come home
Last Saturday night because
He crashed with his old friend
Who happened to be
Stunningly beautiful
He was still sweet to average me…
He came home with
Bribes of shopping sprees
I didn’t accept this and
Forgive him until I saw that
He brought me roses today
They were always my favorite
White bouquet with
Red scattered throughout
Our love worth more than
His lies about where he was
When I was calling nonstop
From eight to one
In the morning…
A life without him
Just wouldn’t be a life at all
He told me that
I’m the love of his life
And showed me that
This is true because
He brought me roses today
He blocked the door
When I tried to leave
And restrained me
By the wrists so hard
That he left bruises…
He gets in my face
And shoves me around
But he told me that
He loves me more than
His own mother and
All my doubts
Have vanished because
He brought me roses today
They must feel so soft around me
They must smell so sweet
And look so beautiful
I know he truly loves me
He sent me into
This dark peacefulness
Invited all my family
And all my friends
Overwhelmed and in tears
At the fact that
He brought me roses today

Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, Desjourné Reid lives in Charlotte, NC and attends Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, VA. Although she is a business major, she creatively writes on occasion. She plans on becoming a CEO of her own accounting firm.