Victoria Green


The one in the center
is my mother, spitting
blue in the kitchen sink.
I’m behind her, holding
her hair back, wrapping

my hands in fistfuls
of denim. Though it’s
hidden by shadows, I can
see the smoke of the mill
shifting in the sky like

my mother’s blue bile
in the tarnished metal
of the sink. We do this
every day. Last week,
a man was crushed

by the weight of a loom
and she watched him try
to catch his breath
in the cotton air, his blood
turning to rust on the denim.

In the mill, the machines were
too loud to hear the man die,
but my mother can’t get
the sound of grating
metal out of her mind.


Victoria Green is an undergraduate at Coastal Carolina University where she majors in English. Victoria loves coffee, naps, and her cat, Mabel.