Talula Merriwether Mays





Still Life with Moth and Dried Flowers






See Inside






See Inside












Assectation (n.) – act of following after something else



Talula Merriwether Mays is currently studying at Mary Baldwin University, working towards a BA in Studio Art with a double emphasis in photography and extended media and a minor in film production. In the fall, she will be joining James Madison University’s graduate program to pursue an MFA in Studio Art with a concentration in sculpture. She has received several awards for her artwork, including first place in Mary Baldwin’s 2018 Annual Juried Student Art Show, and her films have been selected to be shown in several festivals, earning Best Artistic Merit with “Delicacy” at the 2017 Poe Film Festival. An avid collector of the discarded and seemingly useless, Talula’s primary artistic intention is the attempt to capture the indescribable depths of that which is commonly neglected or unconsidered, be it everyday objects or one’s own psyche —she is especially interested in noticing things usually unnoticed, documenting that which lacks description, and exploring the subconscious.