L’amour de Soi:

As I water my spirit

With quotes and hope

No longer letting others

Step on my soul

Allowing others to see

But never to touch

The beautiful garden it has become

The guard is in

And she is slightly rough

Her shield made of thorns

But heart made of lust



My ultimate love story:

I don’t need to be rescued from a tower

I don’t need no prince to kiss me awake

I don’t need you to return my shoe just so we can remeet

I don’t need you to whisper sweet nothings in my ear

Please do not even think about sweeping me off my feet

Do not worry about my bills

Don’t dare to offer to buy my flowers after every fight

But please feel free to check in on me

Oh yes send your undying love and affection

Smother me in loyalty bathe me in honesty and rub me in respect

Let’s never fall asleep angry

Because we were meant to work out

I’m not asking for a happily ever after

I just simply want to know you are holding my hand on this hilly walk through life

Let’s continue to love each other till we grow old and lord knows what comes next

Let’s prove the disbelievers wrong because I’m just looking for the jelly to my peanut butter

The Kris to my Kross

The opening to my act

I want us to be great apart but better together

Forever and ever.

Biographical note:

Zaire Cunningham  also known as another young poet first year student at Mary Baldwin University. A quote by Alison Malee that said “Be so full that even if they take and take and take you can still be overflowing.” This quote has inspired me throughout this year to protect and cherish my self love inspiring the poem L’amour de Soi.